10 foods your dog can never eat

Coffee, avocado, onion, sweets, grapes, raisins and chocolate are some foods that should be kept away from dogs

You are there, eating happy and contented, and then your dog stops by your side and gets that prickly look. Hard to resist, isn’t it ? But believe me: it is often necessary! That’s because there are several foods that are bad for your dog, and although the urge to please him is great, you must not succumb to this desire for his own good! Do you want to know which foods and drinks should be well away from the food jar? See our list!

1. Café

Caffeine is really dangerous for your pet, as it acts directly on your nervous system. With this, it can generate from hyperactivity to tremors. Scary, right? So better to leave both coffee and tea and kill it well away from your dog.

2. Chocolate

Many people know that dogs shouldn’t be given chocolate, but not everyone is aware of why. In addition to also having caffeine, the candy has theobromine, a substance found in cocoa that causes poisoning in animals. Not to mention that sugar can make your dog obese or even diabetic. So forget about chocolate and any other kind of candy .

3. Avocado

In the case of avocado, the harmful substance is called persine. This toxin does not cause discomfort to humans, but it is dangerous for dogs. Its ingestion can cause intestinal problems, such as diarrhea and vomiting.

4. Raw dough

Both cake and bread dough is extremely dangerous for your dog’s health. That’s because in yeast there is a process of alcoholic fermentation, and alcohol can cause serious poisoning in your pet. So never give a taste of what you are preparing for him.

5. Grapes

Grapes also make the list of foods that your dog can never eat! They have components that are toxic to these animals, causing kidney failure. The same goes for raisins, see? So stay tuned, because only 6 simple grapes can do a lot of damage.

6. Macadamia

Okay, not everyone eats macadamia nuts, but the warning is still important. The consumption of this nut can make your pet suffer from several problems, such as muscle weakness, depression and vomiting. Remembering that sometimes macadamia is in cookies or other foods, so you need to be aware of the ingredients before allowing your dog to eat anything.

7. Onion

Onions have n-propyl disulfide, which can reduce your dog’s body’s ability to carry oxygen around the body. As a result, your doguinho may suffer from anemia, which in turn causes weakness, lack of appetite and even fainting. In more extreme cases, it is possible until he needs a blood transfusion.

8. Milk

Milk ends up in an intermediate category, since it is not 100% prohibited, but it is really better to avoid it. This is because lactose intolerance is very common in dogs, which can cause vomiting, stomach problems and diarrhea.

9. Garlic

The presence of thiosulfate makes garlic also a prohibited ingredient for dogs, already makes your pet anemic. The same is the case with the onion, so food with these spices should be well away from your pet.

10. Fatty foods

You know that delicious weekend pizza ? Or the mouth-watering crispy crisp? Yes, both these foods and all those that are fatty should be well away from your dog. Fried foods and fats in general can cause pancreatitis in your little dog, inflammation in the pancreas that is very serious! When in doubt of what you can or cannot give to this great friend of yours, choose rations, which are always the safest option.