9 dog bathing myths that owners believe to be true

The problem with believing in these myths is putting the health of animals at risk

Who doesn’t like to see the pet scented, clean and well cared for? It is a satisfaction for the owner to find his companion like this and to be able to hug him without getting dirty. That is why bathing in dogs is something essential, preventing impurities from accumulating in the middle of the coat.

However, this theme is still surrounded by many myths that end up confusing the owners, such as assuming that the pet does not need to be cleaned since it is originally a wild animal. Believing in these facts is detrimental to the life of the furry, so it is important to know the truths about bathing in dogs .

Not all owners have time to bathe the dog at home, so they need to resort to pet store services

1) Dogs do not need a bath as they are wild animals

Since canines are originally wild animals, there is no need to bathe as they do not have this habit in nature, right? Wrong. In life outside the home, animals find ways to clean themselves and remove parasites, such as rolling on the floor and scrubbing themselves in environments that help remove dirt. It may not seem to work, but it is a very effective way to solve the problem.

In the case of domestic animals, these natural resources are not available. So, it’s up to the owners to provide alternatives to clean themselves. In addition, in large cities there is an abundance of pollution and toxics that do not exist in nature. In other words, bathing dogs is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of health.

2) Dogs do not need frequent baths

Another very common myth is about the frequency of cleaning pets. The most recommended is that the animal is cleaned with some regularity, but the amount of bathing will depend on several factors, such as type of hair, breed or if it has any predisposition for skin diseases.

Therefore, the ideal is to consult a professional and ask about the frequency and ideal products for the bath. In addition, dogs suffering from skin diseases or allergies need more baths and with specific products. Also remember the importance of drying. Unlike us, pets have a lot of hair that needs to be completely dry.

The dryer is a device that can help a lot, but its use also bothers the furry ones

3) The use of a hair dryer is essential

The hair dryer is a necessary appliance, but it does not need to be used all the time. The noise greatly disturbs the sensitive hearing of dogs, in addition to being very bad for the skin the excessive heat that is exhaled. On the other hand, not drying the coat completely favors the proliferation of microorganisms and the appearance of unpleasant odors. So, in general the use of the hair dryer helps a lot in the pets’ lives.

The recommendation is to use mainly on colder, wetter days to help with drying. In summer, it is worth drying with just a towel and letting the natural air finish the task. However, regardless of the season, the animal must dry completely in a warm, closed environment to avoid drafts.

4) Baths impair the pH of the skin

This can really happen, but only when products suitable for dogs are not used. Therefore, never use your shampoo to wash your pet. Buy only those that are manufactured especially for the species. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian to help you with the best option.

5) The best way to bathe dogs is with a hose

Do you like to take a cold shower? Probably not, and the same goes for your furry friend. The water coming out of the hose is very cold, and using it to clean the pet will make it sick. Even if it is very hot, the ideal is to bathe it in warm water and in an enclosed place, protected from the cold and drafts.

Never bathe the dog using a hose, as the water is very cold and can make the animal sick

6) Bathing harms the natural oiliness of the skin

The purpose of the bath is to eliminate impurities and other unwanted substances, in order to keep the hair shiny, healthy and smelling. The natural oiliness of the coat will only be affected when cleaning is done in excess and using poor quality products. Otherwise, it will not be a problem.

7) Water in the ear can cause ear infections

This statement is true, but it is an easy problem to avoid. Do not pour water on your ears and protect them with cotton while bathing. Carefully remove the remains of shampoo that remain in the dog’s ears. Internal ear cleaning must be done with cotton soaked in specific products. Taking these precautions, the bath will not cause otitis. But, if water does happen, contact your vet.

8) It is better to bathe in a pet shop than at home

Not necessarily. If you have time, an adequate space and the necessary products, bathing at home is much more pleasant for the pet, since it is a known environment and he trusts the owner. Otherwise, the way is to take him to the pet shop. However, before leaving it in other hands, make sure that the products used are of quality, the establishment is reliable and the professionals are trained.

Bathing in dogs does not always need to be done in pet shops, sometimes it is interesting to use the structure of the house

9) Flea shampoo completely solves the life of dogs with parasites

The flea shampoo does not completely resolve, but it is a great help in fighting parasites. A single application will not solve the problem, you need to use it for a while for the treatment to be effective. In addition, to completely get rid of this hassle, it will probably be necessary to supplement with other products, such as sprays, pipettes and collars.