Animal care in summer: Tips for taking care of your pet!

With the beginning of summer, especially in Brazil, there are those who do not suffer from the high temperatures. So, just as we need, we must take care of the animals in the summer.

That’s because summer is treacherous. Since there are also changes in the humidity of the air. The one that varies from dry to very humid. In order to cause problems in the health of our pets when there is a lack of special care.

So the importance of animal care in the summer is obvious not only in maintaining a healthy life and quality of life. But also in preventing the possible risks from heat.

Pet health risks

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Although many people think that summer does not change much for animals, in addition to presenting greater need for hydration and cool places. Heat brings with it dangers that worsen due to high temperatures, such as:

  • Proliferation of fleas and ticks. So it is necessary to use the correct products for the protection of the pet. Since even pets that look safe can acquire these parasites during outings;
  • Parasitic diseases. Some of them are caused by fleas and ticks, such as tick disease, already commented in the article on the six main canine diseases. And even diseases like leishmaniasis, since they are more prone to insect bites;
  • Breathing difficulty, known as heat stroke or hyperthermia. Recurrent problem mainly in dogs with short snout, like Pug and Bulldog. However, it can affect any other race. Generating the worst complication: seizures that can lead to death;
  • Dehydration. Which arises mainly when fresh water is not available;
  • Burns on the skin or even cancer. So that dogs and cats have needs that some guardians are unaware of.

Did you know that summer can cause all these problems? Regardless of your answer, how about getting to know some animal care in the summer that you may not know about? This can help your pet and you a lot.

Not least because no owner wishes harm to his pet.

Main animal care in summer

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By citing the possible risks that your pet may suffer, we believe that you must already have some necessary care in mind. For example: attention to the animal’s behavior, offering fresh water and skin care.

Despite this, with this article, we seek to provide you with better content and knowledge. This way you will be able to treat your dog or cat correctly in any season. Being cold or hot.

Follow the tips below and have a healthier and happier pet during any season.


Foot Care

Many owners already know the basic rules of caring for animals’ paws, especially in the summer. However, not only in the summer, but also during any period with hot climates. The main one: avoid walking your pet during warmer times.

The most appropriate times are those before 10 am and after 4 pm. Especially because it is the moment when the solar heat is weaker and the asphalt is less hot. This way, you will prevent the pads of your pet’s paws from burning, becoming sensitive and painful.

In addition, we do not recommend the use of shoes for dogs and cats. Since the pads of your feet are important for maintaining body temperature.

Be aware of your pet’s perspiration

Did you already know that animals don’t sweat? That’s because they don’t have sweat glands, just like us humans. So pets are looking for a different way to control their body temperature.

Dogs, for example, manifest heat by sticking their tongues out of their mouths. Passing in and out the air through the mouth. Since the control of body temperature is carried out through your breathing.

In these cases, for any pet, animal care in the summer will depend on the supply of abundant fresh water, airy place, shade and rest.

Excessive physical activity can also be a major enemy during the heat.

Animal care in summer – fur

Since the appearance of ectoparasites, such as fleas and ticks in your animal, is more frequent, we have already started indicating the use of products against these parasites. But not stopping there, skin care has to do with possible burns, skin diseases and moisture.

Starting with skin diseases, the ideal is to ask for a different grooming during the hottest periods of the year. Especially because this will be a great way to reduce heat and avoid moisture in the hair. Which, consequently, can cause the appearance of fungi.

In addition, there are pets, such as Labrador, who love to stay in the pool. Because they are water dogs. Therefore, we suggest that you bathe your pet and dry it properly. In order to prevent the proliferation of fungi, too.

To combat burns or even skin cancer, the most recommended is to avoid walking the pet during times of intense sun and applying sunscreen to your pet. This product being specifically for veterinary use.

Such a method will be essential, since both dogs and cats have white skin. Especially necessary for albino animals.


When it comes to animal care in the summer, it’s hard not to talk about the need for hydration. Factor that, sometimes, we need to encourage our pets, since they need to drink water every 15 to 20 minutes, during the day.

Water should also be taken on walks with your pets. Since physical activity promotes increased heat, while water helps to decrease it.

If you notice that your pet is not ingesting the necessary amount, try changing the water more often. There is also the tip of inserting some ice cubes in the little water bottle, in order to make it more refreshing. Mostly, during the night.

Animal care in summer – Food

Are you the type of owner who makes food available to your pet all day or the one who offers it only at set times? If you usually leave all day long, then know that in the summer you should change this habit.

That’s because, in the heat, food tends to deteriorate quickly. Since in contact with water or saliva from industrialized dry pet foods they usually ferment. It is not recommended to keep after 30 minutes.

In addition, with the deterioration of food, flies, ants and mice are attracted. Being able to contaminate your pet’s food.

Therefore, we recommend that you start offering food at cooler times and fresh places. In the case of cats, we know that the most common is to supply throughout the day. In the meantime try to put small portions in the jar throughout the day.

So, in addition to fresh water, your pet will always have new food.


Hygiene is also related to the skin care already mentioned, but mainly with the frequency of bathing. The one that should be reduced during the whole summer.

This is due to the fact that the baths reduce the action of the products against ticks and fleas. However, you can also choose the pills instead of the pipettes. Since these are directly in the organism of the animal, while the pipettes cover the entire skin.

During the baths, analyze your pet’s coat and the presence of possible parasites and injuries. This will be a good technique to prevent and treat any disease.

What to avoid

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Knowing that during these warmer periods pets need specific care, always remember what should be avoided, such as:

  • Leave the animal in the car alone. Something that is not due even in milder climates;
  • Put clothes on pets. Since they can increase the heat and humidity in the animal’s body, causing some dermatitis;
  • Stroll in the hottest periods. Avoiding burns and skin cancer;
  • Leave in stuffy places and exposed to the sun;
  • Keep the food for a long time in the pot or even not offer enough water. Factors that can cause several problems related to the intestine and hydration;
  • Do not remove dirt frequently. The lack of hygiene with the animal’s environment can promote the proliferation of insects. Those who can cause disease;
  • Do not vaccinate it properly.

Such animal care in the summer can also be done in milder periods. They are even recommended, as they will provide a better quality of life and well-being.