Bathing the dog at home: advice and products

Bathing the dog at home is a very common and fun option, as dogs must be washed by their owners regularly. Those with long hair should do it every two or three weeks, while those with short hair should do it every month or month and a half.

Some people find it difficult to do so and, for this reason, take us to canine grooming centers, although you should know that bathing your dog fosters your relationship and generates trust in the dog. Then, in PeritoAnimal, we will give you the necessary tips for bathing the dog at home , with some necessary advice and products .

What do you need?

The bath is a necessary routine for our dog to eliminate the excess of dead hair and to clean itself to prevent diseases and external parasites. In addition to preventing your dog from smelling bad, bathing is for many pets a relaxing and enjoyable time with the company of your best friend, that is, you.

Each dog is different and has a specific type of hair that will determine the frequency with which it should be washed and with what products it is recommended to do it.

To bathe the dog, you must have some basic products and first of all it is important to have everything ready, this way we can prevent our dog from getting out of the bathtub or that we are unable to finish the process. So gather the following material:

  • Shampoo for dogs
  • Conditioner
  • Brush
  • Towels
  • Scissors
  • Pipette

Although there are natural tricks with the use of apple cider vinegar, for example, shampoos already prepared contain repellents to increase the effectiveness of the pipette that we will apply later. Find out about the properties that the products you apply have and be especially careful with those dogs that have skin problems .

If you already have all these elements together, then you can begin the wonderful task of bathing your dog. Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to get wet a few times!

Bathing the dog at home: advice and products - What do you need?

10 Advice for dog bathing

Make bathing a positive and rewarding experience for both, so we offer you 10 tips to make your dog’s bath perfect:

  • The dog’s skin is covered with a very thin layer of fat that protects it and isolates it from infections and parasites, so it is very important not to over-bathe your dog , as the layers of natural protection can be affected and stop Act. Depending on your hygienic condition or your skin type, you should wash your puppy more or less frequently.
  • Always use specific products for dogs. Never make the mistake of bathing your dog with your own shampoo, as the needs of your skin type and coat are very different. Purchase these types of shampoos at specialized stores for dogs and pets.
  • Be calm all the time. As during the walk, your pet should always be calm, so in the bath something similar must occur. You must understand that this is more of a routine and for this reason you will not bathe when you are excited.
  • The first time is crucial. It is very important that during the first times you bathe your dog, he enjoys the water and the specific accessories for dogs that he can play with. Make your pet feel good, and every other time you bathe it will be easier.
  • The water temperature is very important. The water has to be warm, but hotter than cold. The temperature of the dogs can vary between 37 – 38ºC, so we must be very careful with cold water.
  • Avoid water in the ears. You have to make sure that the water does not get into the dog’s ears, as it can cause very painful inflammation. It is advisable to cover the dog’s ears with specific earplugs for dogs.
  • Start with the head. First wash the dog’s head carefully and with lots of caresses. The puppy must be relaxed and petted, so that this is a reassuring moment for him. Take the opportunity to massage the dog in the ears.
  • Watch out for moisture . Strive to dry the animal’s entire body and prevent it from getting too wet. It is recommended that you use a dog dryer, this type of dryer makes less noise so as not to scare the animal.
  • Brush the fur at the end unhurriedly and when the dog is lying down, this way it will prevent it from laying down more fur and will be able to untangle any knots that may exist.
  • But it is very important that you enjoy the moment and try to make the dog enjoy the moment as you do.

If dark copper-colored patches have appeared on your puppy’s eyes, be sure to clean and dry them soon, keeping them moist can lead to bacterial infection.

Remember that cleaning your puppy doesn’t just end with a bath. It is essential that you clean your ears, teeth and eyes with the regularity you deserve to be 100% healthy.