Can a dog eat grapes? Watch out you could be killing your dog! 2019

Can a dog eat grapes?

Dog can eat grape

Among so many fruits that exist, we are always left with some doubts, are they all good for dogs? Can we be offering a poison to our friends? Is it really healthy for dogs?

We have separated information for you in this content so that you can no longer doubt whether a dog can eat grapes?

We know that most dogs are extremely happy when they smell most food, everything seems delicious to them and any hesitation can be causing a great risk to their health. And it’s hard to resist those little beggar eyes at your side.

And the first thing we think about and, but it is a fruit if it does me so well, why wouldn’t I do it, my pet? So understand that the dog’s organism works differently from ours, and so not everything that is good for us is good for them.

In our blog we have already talked about many important issues involving pet food and today we have come in this content to try to clarify whether dogs can eat grapes? The grape can be a villain in your pet’s life so pay close attention to this content that we have prepared especially for you.

We want to clarify as much as possible about this subject so that you understand if dogs can eat grapes!

The grape is a highly delicious fruit that brings many benefits to our health, rich in vitamins and minerals, but it is not so good for our four-legged friends, stay tuned to this content prepared especially for you and find out why dogs cannot eat grape.

After all, all you want is to take care of your puppy’s life and nothing better than to start learning, what foods can be offered or not for dogs. Stay tuned in everything we have prepared for you.

And let it be clear that not everything that is good for our health will do your dog good!

Can a dog eat grapes? Can not!

Dog can eat grape Can not

We cannot say that all dogs that eat the grape can die or if they only suffered mild consequences, but we can say that there is a substance in the grape that is very bad for dogs and that they should not ingest it at all.

Grape intake has been linked to kidney failure in dogs, so we prefer to say that dogs cannot eat grapes, cases of death in dogs have already been diagnosed after eating only 5 grape grains.

But because this fruit can do so much harm to our friends, the grape causes severe acute kidney failure (when the kidneys stop working) followed by death, in many cases death can run hours after eating it.

Let it be clear that for dogs the grape acts as if it were a poison in their organism! So spread and share this information to the largest number of people as this is valuable information and we are sure, many tutors do not imagine, that it can cause so much harm to their four-legged friends.

Can a dog eat grapes? CAN NOT!!!

What’s in the grape that causes dogs so much harm?

What is in the grape that causes so much harm to dogs

There is research on this subject, which indicates that a certain substance, which contains in the grape and that can cause so much harm to dogs, but unfortunately the cause has not yet been discovered.

We only know that this toxin is found in the juicy part of the fruit, this means that even if you remove the peels or seeds, the toxin will still be there in the fruit. Unlike some fruits that should only be removed from the seeds and are already released to the dogs .

As we have said before, it is highly dangerous for dogs’ kidneys, but other symptoms have also been observed such as, serious allergic problems after their dog ingested grapes.

It has not yet been determined an exact amount that can cause so much harm to dogs, but cases of dogs that ate only 5 grape grains and died within 24 hours due to severe renal failure have already been reported (kidneys stop working).

Therefore, depending on the amount ingested, dogs may suffer from acute kidney failure, in addition to presenting symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Intense diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Excitement
  • Lack of appetite
  • Disorientation
  • Lack of appetite
  • Apathy

The reversal of this situation will depend a lot on the amount of grape that the animal ingests, and mainly on the time that the animal takes to be attended by a veterinarian. If it happens to your friend, run to the nearest vet as soon as possible so that the correct measures are taken quickly.

Follow exactly the instructions given to you, usually the animal will be hospitalized on average one day, for better care and resolution of the damage caused by the grape.

What can grapes do to the dog’s body?

What grape can cause in the dog's body

Let’s talk a little bit about some symptoms that the grape can cause in your dog’s body, after its ingestion, accidents can happen and if this happens you will have at least a little sense of what is happening and know what steps to take.

But remember if this content is merely informative, look for a responsible and trusted veterinarian if necessary.

Some vets report that after a few hours diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting may occur, always pay close attention to the symptoms as they may save your dog’s life, any discomfort must be observed with care.

Another symptom may be decreased urine or even a complete lack of urine!

In most of the researched cases, unfortunately it was observed that the kidneys stop working thus leading the dogs to death, it is estimated that from 24 hours to 12 days depending on the case the animal may die, depending on the amount ingested and the time it takes to start correct treatment.

So let our dogs stay away from the grape as it will not bring any benefit to them!

What should I do if he eats grapes?

What should I do if he eats grape

First, we have already mentioned above that the first thing to do is to seek the help of a professional, preferably your veterinarian, explaining how and when your dog ate the grape.

If you know how much was ingested, this can certainly help in the fight against poisoning, but be careful that this accident does not happen in your dog’s life.

After all, they are like children who depend on our supervision all the time!

Probably your dog will take medications to induce vomiting, thus trying to reduce the effect of toxins in his body, but see the drugs must be administered by a veterinarian, do not try to do this procedure alone, this can hinder and aggravate the treatment.

In most cases the animals require fluid administration through the veins, hemodialysis, stomach washing and other procedures that only after examinations and care by a veterinarian, he will know how to say and do.

So we conclude here once again about your doubt whether a dog can eat grapes, which it cannot and all care and attention and little.

How can I prevent grape poisoning in my dog?

How can I prevent grape poisoning in my dog

Prevention is the greatest ally ever in any situation that can bring some kind of risk to dogs and for us too, prevention and the best way, so we have listed below small tips to help you prevent your dog from getting away from this fruit.

We know that dogs have an instinct that makes them want to eat everything around them, as they don’t have the slightest notion of what may or may not do them good, so be careful not to leave grapes within reach. Dogs are very compulsive when it comes to eating, their species walked in packs and the uncertainty that they would have food again made them eat everything at once.

Keep it away from grapes of all types, including raisins, which can be the most harmful to them, their derivatives must also be removed, because nothing that comes from the grape will do your pet’s body any good.

Keeping children away from dog food and not encouraged to feed them and also a way to prevent it, children have no idea how bad certain foods can harm dogs, and often by carelessness they end up giving something that does very badly .

If even after all prevention and care an accident happens, do not hesitate to look for a nearest veterinarian right away , he will know what procedures should be done to save your dog’s life (if it is still possible).

Telling friends you know about the great harm that grapes can bring to dogs is also a form of prevention, spread this information (can dogs eat grapes?) To as many people as possible, this could be saving the life of a beautiful little animal.

We often like to pamper our pets, just wanting to do the best for them, but the grape does not do any good, so be very careful with everything you offer them. And when someone asks you if a dog can eat grape, a very objective answer saying no, no, no …

Here on our website we have content focused on pet food, take a look at everything we wrote for you and stay more and more informed about what is good for your dog’s health.

There are some dogs that do not feel this bad effect of the grape on their body, but nothing has been proven because it can do so much harm to some and no harm to others, but as you do not want to test on your pet something that can take death, better to keep him away, isn’t it?