Can a dog eat popcorn?


For many people, it is difficult to deny food for dogs that make that pity face when we are eating. If the subject is popcorn, this becomes even more intense, after all, what harm does it share a little of that huge package with our pet?

If we think about the context of eating without giving a little bit to our furry, that already happened with wolves and it still happens with dogs that live in flocks or on the streets, for example, where some have preferences when feeding , leaving (or not) ) only a few leftovers for the rest.

So, if your “excuse” to feed your pet is pity , you do n’t have to feel that way anymore! He certainly has a good diet inside his house and does not need “extras” to feel happy or loved.

But after all, can a dog eat popcorn?

Our dogs have a much finer sense of smell than ours and, therefore, some foods attract their attention a lot. Note that more fatty foods with more intense flavors are usually their favorites … This, in addition to having the olfactory issue, also has to do with evolutionary issues, in which they learned to “select” options capable of keeping them nourished and with energy for longer.

Note that the bagged popcorn, made in the microwave, calls more attention from the dogs than the lighter ones, which we make at home, in the pan. But these types should not be offered to dogs , because in addition to having a lot of salt, they are extremely rich in fats, preservatives, spices and flavorings that may not be good for pets.

On the other hand, popcorn made pure, with no added oil, sugar or salt, can be offered in some small portions for dogs without problems. If you still have doubts about this, just take into account that most of the rations we offer them today have corn in their composition.

It is also worth remembering that dogs are not in the habit of chewing like we are, so we must be careful not to choke when eating this type of food.

Avoid behavioral problems

Do you know when you go to someone’s house and the dog just won’t let anyone have a meal in peace? Barking, growling and “scratching” on the legs and arms are common in cases like these. This type of behavior occurs when the pet’s human family gives no limits when it comes to sitting at the table .

Puppy dogs, obviously, will try everything to get what they want, but if they are educated correctly and do not have the attention (food) they want at that moment, in a few weeks they will no longer behave that way . If, on the other hand, people give in to the dog’s “requests”, he will develop this inappropriate behavior that will inevitably bother visitors.

A popcorn (without spices, without oil, without sugars and made at home, in the pan) will not cause damage to the health or the behavior of the dog at any time. Moderation and common sense are the rules!