Certain tips for you to bathe your dog at home

We know that taking the pet frequently to bathe outside is expensive and that we don’t always have time to do it. Then, the best tip is to get in the habit of bathing your dog at home.

Both for those who are used to it and for those who are new, we have separated some golden tips that will make cleaning time easier and more pleasant, because we know how difficult it can be to leave the dog paraded and behaved at this time, especially if it is from the team of who don’t like to bathe.

Choose and prepare the location

Depending on the size of the animal, you can bathe it in the bathroom sink, in the shower or in a bathtub, if you have a specific one for your pet. Avoid doing this outdoors, as this way the animal does not run the risk of suffering a thermal shock, since the baths have to be given with warm water to make it more comfortable and relaxed.

Leave the products you are going to use ready and also have a dry towel and a hair dryer near you, in case you already want to leave it dry at the end of the bath. Nothing worse than leaving the bathroom to fetch these things and see that your dog has already wet the entire house.

Find out which products to use

As your skin and your pet’s skin are very different, avoid using your body and hair products on it. So that he does not run the risk of having an allergy, buy shampoos, conditioners and soaps at specialized pet stores.

Also try to buy products that match the size of your pet’s hair, the color and the desired effect. If he has any skin problems, such as ticks, consult your veterinarian before purchasing the product.

Make your pet spend energy

Not all dogs like to bathe, and even those who like water can be hard work at that time. To carry out the task more easily, walk with him before the bath or release him so that he can run and interact with other dogs. In addition to making him more tired, this tour will be good so he doesn’t feel like peeing or pooping while showering.

Clean the right places well

Of course, at bath time, your pet’s entire body should be well washed, but there are some areas that require special care, as they are darlings of fleas and ticks: genital, armpits (and other folds) and between the paw pads.

Extra face care

Your pet’s eyes and ears are very delicate places and deserve special treatment at bath time. Even if you are using appropriate products, prevent them from coming into contact with the animal’s eyes, as they can cause an allergic reaction. To clean the area, use a damp cloth in a delicate manner.

Regarding the ears, keep the water well away from them: protect them with a little cotton so that the water does not enter and cause infections.

Do not forget: It is very important that you know how often your pets should bathe so that the habit does not harm your little friend. Short- and medium-haired animals should be cleaned every two weeks in the summer and once a month in the winter. Long-haired ones always require biweekly cleaning. Of course, that can change if he lives in places where he can get more dirty.