Check out five tips for caring for pets this summer

Dog food ice cream is a great option to cool the dog in the hottest time of the year

With the arrival of the hottest season of the year, the temperature increases and the four-legged beings suffer from the heat. Therefore, pet owners must take extra care to avoid dehydration, burns on their feet and infestation of fleas and ticks.

According to veterinarian Karina Mussolino, during the summer there is an increase of 30% in cases of hyperthermia, when the animal’s body temperature rises, with the risk of pressure and causing cardiac arrest.

In this way, everything that softens the heat effects is fundamental. The specialist recommends making a ration ice cream, placing snacks in the refrigerator and leaving the animals more at ease in these months.

Check out five tips to improve the lives of pets this season:

Food ice cream The pet’s food should be kept normally, with balanced food. It is important to always leave the pot in the shade and remove the leftovers to avoid deterioration. To keep your dog from dying of heat, offer a dry ice cream.

  1. Tours
    The best times to walk are between 6 am and 10 am and after 5 pm. Owners must keep pets away from hot asphalt, at risk of serious burns on their feet. When you notice that the animal is panting, it is interesting to stop in a cool place, offer water and sprinkle a little on his body.
  2. Sunscreen
    The sunscreen is not only important for humans: it is extremely important to use on animals. The specific filter for pets must be used on the muzzles, ears and belly to prevent cancer. The animals that are most harmed are those with a light coat, such as the pit bull, Maltese, white boxer, staffordshire and whippet.
  3. Vaccination up to date
    As in summer there is more contact between pets, due to walks, in addition to the rainy season, which brings the risk of leptospirosis, it is essential that the vaccine is up to date.
  4. Beach sickness
    For those who are going to travel to the coast with their family on this vacation, it is necessary to prevent heartworm disease. When the animal is bitten, the mosquito transmits parasites that settle in the heart of the animals, causing injuries and even heart failure. It is recommended to seek a veterinarian for the indication of vaccine or use of dewormer.