Daily Care Tips for Your Pet

Who has a cat or dog at home should always be attentive to the care of the pet. Keep vaccination up to date, keep an eye on food and ensure the hygiene of the animal and the space in which it lives: these are just some of the responsibilities that cannot be left aside.

There are other aspects of your pet’s life that should be observed on a daily basis, as they may give signs that there is something wrong with it.

Why is it important to constantly observe the pet’s behavior?

One of the main reasons for us to always be attentive to the smallest signs presented by our pets is the fact that some diseases are silent, that is, they need a more detailed analysis in order to be detected.

Therefore, knowing your pet’s temperament and customs in depth will be essential to identify, as soon as possible, if it has any changes, be it behavioral or physical.

We list here some of the main pet care that the tutor should have:

Hair loss

It is normal for some breeds to shed more than others. If you have had the animal for some time, you may have noticed that, depending on the time of year, it is common for it to fall in greater quantities. When this increases in proportion or starts to cause flaws in the animal’s hair, it may be that it has a problem: it may have scabies or allergies, for example.

Scratching too much

When a dog scratches excessively, it may mean that he has a parasite, such as fleas and ticks, or that he has developed a skin problem.

To be sure, whenever you observe any of these situations, take the animal to the veterinarian, so that he makes the proper diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe the correct treatment.

Drink more water than normal

Drinking a lot of water and, consequently, urinating more often – can also indicate that the pet has a problem. However, before thinking the worst, take into account the pet’s food and the temperature of the day, as they are factors that directly influence.

Frequency with which the animal urinates

The number of times a dog or cat urinates, along with other symptoms, can indicate diseases such as diabetes, kidney problems, hormonal diseases, etc.

Faeces appearance

The animal’s feces are good indicators of its health. It is indicated to evaluate the consistency, color, if there is any worms or blood, or any other indication of abnormality.

Dogs and cats usually defecate only once a day, depending on their size. It is normal for the poop of these pets to have a firm consistency and to be moist. Diarrhea or liquid stools can happen, but if they persist, you need to check what may be causing this.

Emergence of lumps and skin wounds

Be in the habit of observing your pet’s skin, both for wounds and for lumps. The sooner these disorders are identified, the greater the chances that the problem will be resolved – such as tumors, allergies, fungi, parasites and skin problems.

It is very important that you always keep an eye on the signs that your pet may show, in order to ensure that the care of the pet is up to date and that it remains healthy and happy.