How to bathe a dog in winter

The first thing to keep in mind is that, in the winter period, it is not necessary to bathe your pet as often. In addition, the baths should be short, to avoid suffering.

In the summer, it is much easier as it also helps to cool off. However, bathing a dog in winter can be a more complicated task. We must be very careful that he doesn’t get sick! Learn more in this article.

Tips  for bathing a dog in winter

Like people, animals feel  cold , even if they have hair to protect them and, in some cases, owners who buy them clothes. However, this does not mean that, in winter, they no longer emit an odor and that there is no need to bathe them.

In addition, it is easier for them to get dirty; because maybe they go for a walk when it rains or they step on a mire in the park … and, of course, it should be added that they spend more time indoors and it seems that their ‘perfume’ permeates the whole environment.

Bathing a dog in the  winter  is completely opposite to what happens in the summer, when it can be a pleasant, refreshing and fun activity. Some tips for keeping your pet clean during the cold season are as follows:

Bathing frequency

It is not advisable to bathe dogs every week , because in this way they cannot produce their own scents – which they use, for example, to communicate with other  pets . In addition, the hair loses certain properties due to the lack of oil.

Even in the summer, we have to avoid weekly baths. In winter it will be better to keep it clean only once a month, especially if he spends all day indoors.

Give quick baths

Express baths are recommended for cold weather; because in this way we remove the “thicker” dirt from the animal and prevent it from getting sick. So don’t spend an hour lathering your pet: leave it for the summer.

Bathe a dog

Use warm water

Even when it is hot, it is recommended that the water is not cold, as it is not good for the animal’s health . In order to bathe a dog in winter, it is better to heat the water a little. This way, he will be able to enjoy the bath and not be cold. Be careful not to burn it!

Shower inside the house

Although it is a little crazy idea, the truth is that it will avoid several problems. Bathe your dog in the shower if it is large or medium – like a  Labrador  or boxer – in the sink or in the laundry room if it is small – breeds like Chihuahua, sausage or  French Bulldog  – this will prevent them from catching a cold.

Of course, when you finish your bath, you will have to clean the bathroom, remove the hair and all the dirt left by the pet.

Dry well

After you finish bathing a dog, let it “run” or “shake” and move its body in all directions. Try to let it do it in a place that can get wet, such as the bathroom or laundry.

Bathing in dog

To prevent it from getting all wet, a good idea is to wrap it in a towel for a few minutes. This way, you will remove excess water. But still, your dog will try to remove the moisture!

In addition, we  recommend that you use a hair dryer to dry it completely . Pay attention that the air is not too hot, as this can burn your skin. This will prevent not only health problems such as pneumonia, but also the appearance of  fungi  due to humidity.

Choose a sunny day

In addition to bathing your dog indoors, it is preferable to do it on those days when the sun is present. Also choose to wash it at noon, so that, if he wants, he can lie down for a while in the sun and finish drying on his own. That way he won’t feel so cold after a shower!

Finally, you have the option of taking him to bathe in a veterinary clinic, a pet salon or to use dry cleaning products : powders that are placed on top of the animal and spread with a brush. This will maintain your hygiene in the winter!