My dog ​​orders food at the table. What do I do?

It is very strange not to see a dog asking at our table when we are eating . It seems to be something innate to them, an uncontrollable appetite that causes them to bother us, even putting their front paws on our lap. Now, is it possible to make the dog let go of this custom?

P or my dog asks food on the table?

perro food

It is not a very pleasant attitude for your dog to order food while you are at the table, especially if you have guests at home. This attitude gives the impression that you are not feeding him properly or that he is starving when it is far from true . In several articles, we tell that the ancestors of the dog, the wolves, influence several of their attitudes and this is one of them, the gluttony.

Dogs will never refuse to eat, even if they are satisfied and can’t take it anymore. Why? Well, their ancestors, wolves, who live in the wild and should hunt for food, had difficulty finding what to eat on many occasions . This caused them to create the need to eat everything they could find, since they did not know if they would have anything to eat the next day.

Thanks to that fact, they developed a lot the survival instinct , the law of the strongest. So when your dog asks for food on the table, it doesn’t matter to him whether you are hungry or not, or if it is the last portion of the food, he wants it and that’s it . Now, if this is a hereditary behavior, is it possible to improve? Yes. And as always, we at are concerned with giving you advice.

What to do if my dog ​​orders food from the table?

Don’t give it to him . It is possible that your pet asks at the table because you or some other member of the family, on more than one occasion, have given him a piece of bread, meat or ham. So, the first thing you should do if your dog asks at the table is: don’t give him anything.

Make him feel without his place. Do not give affection or pampering, even if you are determined not to give it your food. Do not allow the dog to stay near the table while eating , or it will be a matter of time before he asks again. Get him back to his place if it’s an order you’re used to obeying. If you still don’t know what the order means, take it yourself and let it be seen that you should stay there until you let it out.

Do not put food for your dog before you eat it yourself. If you do, the dog will put it aside and ask the table again.

How to prevent my dog ​​from asking at the table

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If your pet asks for food at the table and this is already an ingrained attitude, it may be more difficult to get your dog used to not doing it anymore. However, by following the previous steps, you can do it. If your dog is still a puppy , this is the best time to teach your dog not to ask at the table while you eat.

Get the puppy used to not ask at the table early. When a dog asks for food at the table, we feel uncomfortable and make our guests feel uncomfortable as well . All dogs need a herd leader, so you must show your pet who is the leader in your home. That’s why your pet should never eat before you, always after.

Make sure your dog stays in bed while you eat and waits for you to finish eating before you can feed . The first few times, you will have to take him to his place, but little by little your pet will learn. Never lock it in a room or in the yard. This will distress the animal, cruel and can make him feel desperate.

When he obeys your orders, say loving words, showing that you are proud of him and that he is a good and obedient dog. From time to time, give him rewards (whenever you’ve finished eating) with something special . That way, it will be easier for him to obey you next time.