Pet care in summer

It is not just humans who suffer from the heat during the summer. The pets also need care to face the high temperatures healthily and without choking. To learn how to protect your pet from the heat, check out some essential tips and practices during the season.

Animal sweating

Unlike people, some pets , such as dogs and cats, do not have sweat glands, responsible for sweat production and body temperature balance. Therefore, to relieve heat, these animals need to use other cooling mechanisms.

In the case of dogs, breathing is the main way to control the temperature. Therefore, when subjected to intense heat or stressful situations, the animals open their mouths and project their tongues out, increasing the air intake. To ensure your pet’s peace and avoid more serious problems, such as vomiting and heart complications, leave him resting in airy places, with plenty of fresh water and plenty of shade. The same goes for cats.

Foot Care

During walks, we forget that, unlike us, dogs are not wearing shoes. On asphalt or very hot sand, those pads that protect the dogs’ paws can be burned, leaving the region extremely sore. So, prefer to leave the house with the animal before ten in the morning and after four in the afternoon, periods in which the sun is not very intense.

In addition, paw pads also help to maintain body temperature for both dogs and cats. All the more reason to protect them from the heat.

Fleas and Ticks

The milder temperature and the air with a higher humidity index are typical factors of the summer, which encourage the proliferation of fleas and ticks. Therefore, during the period, extra care is needed to avoid infestation of the animal.

Keep the coat very short and apply anti-flea products at least once a month. For pets that live in a backyard with vegetation or make constant walks, the application must be fortnightly. If possible, decrease the frequency of baths to increase the duration of action of preventive drugs.

Summer skin care

Dogs and cats have pink skin and are much more sensitive to sunlight. This characteristic makes skin problems, and even cancer, develop more easily. Therefore, especially for albino animals and with white fur, the use of sunscreen during the walks is essential.