Summer: six tips for tutors to have fun with pets in the pool

Do not forget to apply sunscreen suitable for animals on the ears and muzzle

During the summer, tutors like to enjoy the best moments with their pets. Leisure activities can include: trips, walks on beaches and in pet friendly places , in addition to playing in the pool and bathing in a hose to refresh them.

These are some good and fun alternatives for animals during the hottest days. But some precautions are necessary, especially in relation to swimming pools. In a chat with Metrópoles , the veterinarian, Thaís Matos, separated six essential cares for play time. Check out:

1- Not all breeds can swim

“Bathing in the pool can bring a lot of joy to the pets, but the tutor should pay attention. Even some breeds such as basset hound, dachshund, shih-tzus, bulldogs and pugs are not allowed to enter the pool ”, he warns.

2- Pay attention to the dog’s health and food

The vet advises to avoid feeding the animal before it enters the pool, as the pet may be sick and have congestion. According to Thaís, the ideal is to enter the water three hours after a meal. “Another essential care is to analyze the pet’s health, see if he has intestinal worms, skin diseases or any other health complication and, if so, avoid his contact with water”, he warns.

3- Beware of trauma and accidents at the pool

The guardian should try to make the dog comfortable so that he can enter the pool as he wishes, or place him slowly and carefully. Many tutors make the mistake of throwing the animal into the pool or force it into it, thinking it is a joke. “This attitude can generate a very big trauma and even hurt you”, says the veterinarian.

4- Avoid unwanted burns on your pet

Like humans, dogs are very hot , tired and can get burned on their feet during the hottest times of the day. “Try to enjoy the summer days with your friend at times when the sun is cooler. In addition, the use of sunscreen suitable for pets may be necessary, apply the product to the ears and muzzle ”.

5- Use protection on the dog to avoid drowning

For dogs that are not accustomed to entering the pool, Thaís advises to put on a chest collar, in case the pet gets tired or cramps, it is possible to rescue him and avoid accidents. “Another option is to invest in their own life jackets. The product is very similar to that used by humans ”.


6- Invest in post-pool care

After the puppy leaves the pool it is essential that you bathe him with proper shampoo to remove chlorine from the hair. In addition, drying after bathing is essential to avoid ringworm, dermatitis and chlorine allergies. “It is also important to dry pets’ paws well,” recalls Thaís. “Pay attention if there is water in the animal’s ear, as this accumulation can generate an inflammation picture called otitis. Try to dry the ears well and see if he has any discomfort in the ear ”, he concludes.