Tips for bathing your dog with hose

Avoid excessively cold water and the use of too much pressure, as the dog will not feel comfortable and will run away. Likewise, we must not be aggressive towards the dog. On the contrary, we must be motivators through positive reinforcement, to complete this mission successfully.

The vast majority of dogs hate bath time. However,  you can take advantage of the hot days to bathe your dog with a hose in the garden  at home. Thus, it is possible to make the animal’s aversion to the bath disappear.

Especially if  the animal is large, bathing your dog with a hose is easy.  So, stay tuned to the following tips, to bathe your dog with a hose without a hitch.

Tips for bathing your dog with hose


The first step is to  think about where, in the garden, you will bathe your dog with a hose. First of all, there must be a tap nearby. Also, remember to check that the water temperature is not too cold. Ideally, the water should be warm. So it is worth waiting for a very hot day .

If you prefer to bathe your dog indoors,  you can use the bathtub and the hand shower. This will make it easier to balance the water temperature.

After that, you will need to prepare all the utensils that will be used during the bath. See the list: shampoo with the lid open, towels, sponge, cloth towel. In addition, you need to remember the dog’s collar to prevent escape . All of this should be at your fingertips when the bath begins.


As for the  shampoo, it must be appropriate to the dog’s coat . That is, it should not irritate the skin or mucous membranes. The scent of the shampoo should not be too strong, because the dog will not like it. On the contrary, it will displease him and he will be dirty again. It is better to choose a neutral shampoo

Hose bath

Water pressure

The  collar  that is placed on the dog to hold him in the bath must be  nylon.  The leather shrinks as it dries, which tightens the animal’s neck. Therefore, the collar should not be too tight.

It is necessary to  check the water pressure of the hose. If it is too strong, the dog will be frightened and try to escape. A good option is to use a shower, to make the bathroom more pleasant and effective.

Finally,  a cotton plug should be placed in the animal’s ears  to prevent water from entering. The plug must be large enough to cover the ear well.


During the bath, it is necessary to avoid wetting the  dog’s head . It is advisable to start spraying the water from the neck backwards until the dog’s coat and legs are completely wet. Then, you have to start spreading the shampoo and, with the help of the sponge, rub the animal’s body thoroughly.

Dog taking a bath

Each leg must be washed separately and carefully. In addition, it is also necessary to wash the belly, the groins and the anal area. If the shampoo has flea repellent, it must be left for the time indicated  on the package, to act.

It will be necessary to rinse the dog’s body until the water drains completely, without traces of dirt or foam. To wash the  dog’s face , it is best to use a damp cloth.  This prevents water from entering your ears and causing an infection.


Use some  large, absorbent towels  to dry after bathing your dog with a hose . It is necessary to dry the animal’s hair, if they are too long. Begin drying by covering the animal’s back with a towel. When drying, avoid causing friction, so that no knots are made.

Some dog owners prefer to  use a hairdryer . In case of using it, the air temperature must be warm so as not to burn the animal’s delicate skin. Once dry, it is advisable to brush the dog  so that the hair does not stick with us. Thus, it is possible to remove loose hair.

Reinforcement of positive behavior

When bathing your dog with a hose, remember to speak softly, do not pull the collar too much and do not be aggressive. If all goes well during the bath, reward the dog with his favorite treat. Thus, the dog will associate the bath with a pleasant experience. With a positive reinforcement, next time there won’t be much resistance.

How often should I bathe my dog?

The frequency of the bath depends on the breed, the size, the type and the length of the hair and the activities that the dog does. If the dog spends a lot of time outdoors, it is advisable to bathe it more often than animals that stay indoors longer. In general, a bath is recommended every three months.