Tips for pet care

Intense heat, period of burning and lots of smoke, it is not only human beings who suffer from it, pets often exposed to excess heat can also have impaired health.

According to veterinarian Ticiana Librelotto, when smoke and dust remain in the air it can harm the eyes and nose of pets. “This smoke can cause dryness, allergy, and if the animal breathes a lot of this dust it can have irritation, allergy, and in more severe cases, if the smoke accumulates in the lung, it can cause cyanosis, which is a veterinary emergency, due due to poor oxygenation of arterial blood, in these cases the animals show a blue-purple color of the skin, under the nails or on the mucous membranes “he explains.

According to the veterinarian, when the animals are hot, they can show some signs, among them, mouth open all the time, wheezing and difficulty walking are common at this time. Some more sensitive breeds may experience hyperthermia, low blood pressure, vomiting, heat stroke and even skin cancer.

“We know that many of the animals stay in the yard suffering from the heat, and the owner may not be at home, for that he can leave buckets of water, or even place the animal where it has greater ventilation. It is recommended to cool the yard with a hose to make it as moist as possible for the animal to try to minimize the heat “reinforces.

Another important tip is not to keep the animal in chains. “If the animal is trapped it will have no way to hide or escape, never to leave it trapped in a region without shade, or without water” he explains. According to her, there are several types of pet, there are those that are only inside the house and others that are only in the yard, and care must be reinforced for both.

“The golden tip is to make your pet drink plenty of water, always changing the animal’s water for a fresh one, and even putting ice to keep it cooler for longer. All of this will encourage animals to keep hydrated “he said.


To relieve, the tours should take place in the morning, before 10am, or at the end of the day, after 5pm. During peak sun times, the dog may suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and his paws may be burned.

To ensure that there is no burn on the legs, place the back of your hand on the asphalt and count to 5. If it doesn’t burn you, it is safe for your friend.