Tips for taking care of pets in summer

With high temperatures, some customs need to be adapted to maintain the health of the animals

most anticipated season! Being able to enjoy the heat with friends, family and, of course, with our pets, is super fun. But did you know that they are also very hot and can be sick? Find out what care needs to be taken with pets in the summer .

Animals do not perspire like us, through the skin. The loss of heat in dogs, for example, occurs through the cushions of the feet (that part that looks like a cushion) and through the mouth. That is why it is common to see them more breathless and always with the tongue out of the mouth. “This is so that they can regulate body temperature, hence the importance of observing if the animal is very tired”, explains Juliana Baldassarri Bizzarri, veterinary doctor for small animals.

If you go out with your pet in the summer to go for a walk on the street, try to walk at cooler times, such as in the morning, before 10 am, or in the late afternoon, after 5 pm.

“Give preference to walks in parks and places where there is grass and plenty of shade. Pay close attention to the temperature of the asphalt or sand, so as not to burn your paws. Burns are very frequent at this time of year, with an ambient temperature of 30 ° C, asphalt can reach 60 ° C ”, says Juliana.

The burns are very visible: the “cushion” part of the paws loosens the skin and a very vivid wound remains, even bleeding. The treatment of burns must be done and prescribed by a veterinarian, as they involve several factors, such as the degree of the burn.

Whenever you go out for a walk, do not forget to bring a bottle of water to offer the pet during the walk, to keep him always hydrated.

Extra care

There are also some breeds of dogs that need more attention, according to the veterinarian. “Brachycephalics, which are short-nosed dogs like bulldogs, pugs and shih-tzu, have some difficulty losing heat, as they take longer in the process of panting and regulating the temperature, needing extra care in the summer.”

bulldog being cooled

It happened with the bulldog of the businessman Horst Kissmann. “We were returning from an appointment and my car has no air conditioning. It was a hot day, and, 15 minutes later, he started to have a purple tongue, to throw up. Knowing about his race’s difficulties with the heat, I ran to the first vet I met on the way. They quickly cooled his temperature with ice bags, intravenous hydration and specific medication, ”says Horst.

“The car, in the heat, heats up quickly, which can cause the dog to suffer a sudden increase in body temperature and die”, emphasizes Juliana. Never leave your pet stuck in the car, even for a few minutes.

To identify the dog’s hyperthermia – or temperature rise – just pay attention to the wheezing, which is very fast and the tongue also sticks out more than normal.

If this happens, the experts’ advice is to cool the animal as quickly as possible. “Provide a container with plenty of cold, running water using, for example, a hose, until the animal breathes normally again.”

If your dog needs to use a muzzle during walks, opt for the grid model, so he will be able to open his mouth to gasp and lose heat. “Always pay attention to your pet, it will show signs of thermal discomfort, such as being very breathless and drinking excess water”, teaches the veterinarian.

Keep fresh water available to the animal, wherever you go. In the heat, you can also place more pots of water around the house. “A lot of water always fresh and at ease. For cats, I recommend the use of drinking fountains, as the water is always in motion. Cats are animals that drink little water by nature and, for the most part, do not like standing water. With the automatic source they end up drinking more water on hot days ”, says Juliana.

You can also put ice cubes in the pets’ water. Cats love to play with blocks of ice. However, it is not recommended to give ice cream, juices and human food to animals. “These foods have a lot of fat, sugar and are ultra-processed. A good idea is to freeze fruit in pieces with water and give it to dogs. Good fruits are bananas, apples, pears and mangoes, always remembering to remove the stones, ”he teaches.

At home, whenever possible, it is recommended to leave the animal in an environment with air conditioning or a fan turned on so that the environment is cooler than the outside temperature. Another tip is to put the pet’s toys in the freezer, this can make them much more attractive when the temperature is higher, so he plays and freshens at the same time.

In the summer, it is common for fleas and ticks to increase in the furry ones. Make sure your best friend is properly protected with regular baths and specific medication for the treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks.

On the market, there are also several accessories for dogs and cats that help control heat. Cold carpet, cold vest and cold towel, as well as drinking fountains that can be frozen as well. They are very useful, especially those that are in contact with the animal’s body, working effectively to lower the temperature.

For dogs that love swimming, here’s another warning: they should only use the swimming pool with supervision, especially the large one. “Some dogs can drown because they can’t get out of it or, because of their anatomy, dogs like bulldogs tend to sink, due to their weight”, guides Juliana.

A guaranteed fun are children’s pools and water basins, dogs love it! But remember to keep enough water for the dog to stand with at least half of its body out, minimizing the risk of drowning. At the end of the game, remember to dry the animal well, avoiding fungi and flu, which can get worse.